American Lifestyle Magazine: Happy Holidays

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Turning Tides Financial, LLC welcomes the opportunity to share this American Lifestyle magazine with you and your clients!

American Lifestyle is a celebration of the flavor and flair of life in the United States, that allows the reader to travel on a journey through the nation’s sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. Turning Tides is excited to provide you with this gorgeous publication!

Your time is valuable, it is possible that Turning Tides Financial can help you enjoy your days more, save some time and help your clients. We focus on Financial Transition Planning, Investment Management and Divorce Financial Strategies and Preparation. We would love the chance to connect with you to see how we can help you and your firm.

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Julianne Lepo, Founder, CDFA® & Katie Weibel, CFP, MBA, CDFA®