~An emotional crisis does not have to be a financial crisis. Get in touch and let me help you navigate life’s many turning tides.~

– Julianne Lepo, CDFA®  

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Divorce Planning & Advocacy

Julianne Lepo, CDFA®

CEO & Financial Advisor



I’ve walked in your shoes.

As a survivor of childhood poverty and domestic violence, I understand what it can feel like to be alone. I will always remember those feelings of fear and anger. When I was contemplating divorce, those exact feelings reappeared like a bad nightmare. I was once again facing the fear of not knowing what was going to happen next. I found myself angry at the concept that my future was not what I had expected or planned. Sometimes it felt like everything was out of my control.

Then, I took a deep breath and made the decision to build a team…a team of professional people that not only did I believe in their ability, but that I genuinely liked, and knew I could trust! Just as I promised myself, my childhood trauma would not define me as a person. I vowed I would not allow the struggles and fear of divorce to define my future.

I now have the joy of having a loving partner and family, being the mom of two incredible boys, having learned how to be friends after a 20-year marriage ends (that took some time for sure!), and earning the gift of creating a career that helps others prosper emotionally and financially.

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Over 25 years of experience helping women pursue financial wealth and independence.

I have heard so many times, “I didn’t even know a person like you existed!”

I’m aware that the title of Certified Divorce Financial Planner is new to some, but why WOULD someone know what it is, if they haven’t faced the devastating roller-coaster of divorce?! 

I HAVE faced that rollercoaster…and I got through it because I HAD A GREAT TEAM! A 20-year marriage ending – it didn’t matter who’s fault it was – it was ending and I had to deal with all that went along with that: teenagers, tears, anger, money questions and fears, feelings of betrayal, and feeling like I didn’t know what the next steps should be. Of course I logically knew what was next..but emotionally it was devastating and overwhelming, even for me. I make sure I remember all of those feelings, EVERY TIME I meet with someone for the first time or the 100th time.  

Seeing my clients tears in the beginning is painful, but knowing those tears will turn to confidence, empowerment and even joy, makes it worth every moment of my time.  I love helping my clients know they are not alone and that they are going to be ok.

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Did you know? According to one report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, women’s household income fell by 41% following a divorce or separation after age 50, while men’s household income dropped by only 23%*

Divorcing? I’ll help you answer the question:

Am I Going To Be OK?

As a CDFA®, I will help you to navigate the financial intricacies of divorce. Services include:

✓ Advocating in negotiations

✓ Preparing current and future asset analysis

✓ Outlining and educating you on current and future spending plans

✓ Providing a new financial road map

Divorce is hard, but you’re not alone!

The emotional and financial ramifications of a divorce can be devastating, and Financial Planning may be low on your list of priorities right now, but working through various aspects of your finances is imperative when going through the process of a separation.

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