Tips When Considering Divorce

1) Be informed about what you have
2) Gather copies of all financial documents
3) Obtain and copy 3 year-worth of tax returns
4) Understand household income; all sources
5) Know monthly expenses, bank or cc statement
6) Have a good team! A Certified Divorce Financial Analysts could be an imperative part of having a successful and fair financial outcome.
7) Interview 2 Attorneys
8) Family & Friends love you and have the best of intentions, but remember, your Divorce will be different than their’s!Tips When Considering Divorce

Don’t let an emotional crisis become a financial crisis.

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Begin By Knowing You Are Not Alone!

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I’m Divorced ~ Now What!?

When it comes to legal and financial matters, the time immediately following the legal finalization of your divorce is equally important as the process itself. This is the time steps must be made to complete what your divorce agreement has directed. In other words, as an example,  just because the decree says you get the house and he gets the car, doesn’t mean those assets magically transfer ownership of themselves.

It’s still A LOT! You don’t have to figure this out on your own!

Next Step as always, are……Knowing You Are Not Alone!

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