What Is Your Money Type?

Before you dive into the Money Type Quiz, I want you to know that the point is not to categorize you or put you in a box. We actually all have some characteristics of all of these different types, personalities, and patterns.

There are no judgments here. In fact, the names of the Money Types are left out, so you’re unable to even judge yourself!

Do your best to answer the questions as accurately as possible. Don’t overanalyze, just go with the first thing that pops into your mind.

I use dolls to represent the Money Types to make it fun and easy to understand. These types are not gender specific. They are just used as a visual aid to represent the characteristics of the Money Types.

We hope that using these characters makes it easy for you to step outside yourself and see that this is not about WHO you are. It simply uncovers beliefs and behaviors, some of which hold you back and others that serve you.

Once you identify the characteristics that you most identify with, you’ll be well on your way to knowing what and how you want to change.


Step 1:

On the following pages, rate yourself for each statement.

Choose 1 for ‘strongly disagree’, and 5 for ‘strongly agree’.

Step 2:

Tally up your scores for each Money Type and write the totals in each box.
Then put the totals next to each of the initials at the end of the quiz.

Your highest score is your Primary Money Type.
Your next highest score is your Secondary Money Type.

Step 3:

Have fun!

Step 4:

Download the Quiz Results PDF to learn more about your Money Type.


Download PDF

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