Women Are Decision Makers

When the Going Gets Tough, Women Get Going

Historically, women have had less to do with financial decisions than men and their investment volume has also been lower. However, that is changing!

Women are key decision-makers and caregivers in their households. We’ve seen steady progress in women becoming more aware, engaged, and actively involved in their finances. According to a Prudential 2010-2011 Research Study conducted, 95 percent of women are financial decision makers, and 84 percent of married women are either solely or jointly responsible for household financial decisions. In fact, they are often the primary decision-maker about finances. The decisions they make are at the heart of determining their long-term financial security, as well as that of their families. (Financial Experience & Behaviors, Among Women 2010-2011 Prudential Research Study)

Creating a Financial Goals Worksheet can be an imperative step in the ongoing journey to creating a confident financial future.


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