There is an old saying, “Would you see a mechanic about a heart problem?” Of course not – you would go to a doctor, specifically a cardiologist. I believe that when you file for divorce, you should have a team of trained professionals to assist you. That brings me to the subject of this blog. Divorce Attorneys are not financial planners. They are highly educated legal professionals who have earned the privilege to provide legal advice. Unless your attorney has an LLM post-graduate degree in taxation, or other financial discipline, they may not know any more than you do about the best way to approachRead More →

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Don’t gamble with your future! The financial ramifications of divorce can be devastating, but proper planning with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can help transition you through this difficult time. My goal and your objective is to arrive at a financial settlement that meets your, immediate and long term financial needs. I will help you be prepared! Being prepared means understandings marital assets, your income needs now and later, possible tax implications of the divorce, and that not all assets are equal! Sound simple? Maybe, but the reality is sometimes giving up “things” in life you care about isn’t that easy. For example, emotionalRead More →