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When the Going Gets Tough, Women Get Going Historically, women have had less to do with financial decisions than men and their investment volume has also been lower. However, that is changing! Women are key decision-makers and caregivers in their households. We’ve seen steady progress in women becoming more aware, engaged, and actively involved in their finances. According to a Prudential 2010-2011 Research Study conducted, 95 percent of women are financial decision makers, and 84 percent of married women are either solely or jointly responsible for household financial decisions. In fact, they are often the primary decision-maker about finances. The decisions they make are atRead More →

wine in shoe

Chocolate, shoes, purses and wine! Sound about right?! What if we turned these “things” into feelings and expectations for your financial future, say retirement? Maybe it would sound more like, satisfying, comfortable, stylish and happy!  If you can choose to work towards your favorite expectations for your financial future, how would you do that?!  My guess would be, you would turn to someone you trust and believe can help get where you want to be.  However, 70% of women say they want to work with a financial advisor, but only 20% actually do, this according to Cerulli Associates research. Then how do you obtain theseRead More →